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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  February 23, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> this is "bbc world news funding for this presentation is foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you capital for key, strategic decisions. dietewe offer expertise and taid
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industries. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington. ase 20th day in a row on the syrian city of homs, we are with opposition fighters and the north also fighting the assad regime. course we are told that they are just a few hundred meters out in that direction. das >> we are told that they are just a few hundred meters in that direction. we have to keep low. >> coordinated bomb attacks kill more than 50 people across iraq once again raising questions about the country's security.
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diving to the deepest spots on earth, more than half a century after explorers first made the journey, another team is out to follow their lead. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. crimes against humanity are being committed in syria as we of syrian officials suspected of atrocities. government forces continue their assault on civilians at the situation in homs is particularly dangerous. >> in the midst of the bombardment of the city of homs, a hurry to funeral procession. they are under sniper fire.
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this video, which has not been independently verified, was taken yesterday when dozens were killed in this besieged city. the two boys have just lost their father and they are told that he died a martyr. [explosions] >> for almost three weeks now, the syrian security forces have fired rockets, artillery, and rockets into homs killing hundreds of men, women, children. rumors abound that the troops award winning western journalists were killed on wednesday. -- two award winning western journalists were killed on
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wednesday. others were wounded. among them is this journalist who was trapped in the area with life-threatening injuries. >> the doctors here have done their best but they cannot perform a surgical operation. therefore, i appeal for an immediate cease-fire. i need and medically-equipped car where least a car in working order said that i can receive medical attention as soon as possible. -- i need a medically equipped car or at least a car in working order so that i can receive medical attention. >> the regime is continued in the assault. crimes against humanity are being committed. this includes the shooting of on our civilians. the u.n. has drawn up a list of top officials who could be investigated. experts say that this could be used to justify military intervention.
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-- this includes the shooting of on unarmed civilians. desperate appeals for the international community to use military force to stop the bloodshed. one of the main syrian opposition groups focused on the need for food and medical supplies to get into the country. >> we stall for the establishment of humanitarian corridors especially in homs and other cities. this must be provided with security. >> the makeshift clinic and the many conflict zones are overwhelmed by the sheer number of casualties. there is a major international conference, there would be a call for a cease-fire so that
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the deaths of the innocent, such as this young child, can be halted. >> as this battle rages, fighting is also taking place in the north of syria parent the we have been to the towns around the city of idlib to find out what life is like for the opposition forces there. ignore any more. ymñ?ñ?ñ?huddled in a safe housn northern syria, lightly armed rebel fighters sing for freedom and defiance. they are led by a military defector. many of the men who come to pay their respects our ordinary citizens soldiers, laborers, farmers. they are fed on a diet of rebellion and sweet tea.
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>> i will protect my people, my children, to make our lives better. >> what is it that you want? >> what do i want? the freedom. social freedom. >> for the last few days, we spread out from town to village. this is called fred -- free syria. >> 24 hours a day, you feel the danger from this regime. it is deadly. it kills the people. president assad is supposed to protect us but he just protect himself. rally, hastily arranged to avoid unwanted attention.
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their rebellion is almost 1 years old. there are many front lines in this battle and we were taken thousands have died here as the president in forces is will through the barrel of a gun and the people take to arms. government troops have moved into this area where homes have been shelled and civilians killed. we have just brought into this building by members of the free syrian army and we're told that the government positions are just a few hundred meters out in that direction. we are told they're using snipers and tanks and they have been operating in this vicinity. we have to keep a low and be careful. in the distance, you can make out a tank, a reminder of the force at the government's disposal. this is what the locals have to defend against it, a paltry road
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block and a few old rifles. we moved to one last town also in the throes of its of a tick of the revolution. it may seem a world away from fringes of europe where the conflict that looks increasingly like civil war is raging. >> as we have heard, an international meeting will take place tomorrow in geneva to address the growing violence in syria. for more on what can be accomplished, i am joined by a former u.s. state department adviser who is a fellow at the woodrow wilson center. it is a really grim image of what is happening and yet we have hillary clinton saying that she thinks that the opposition forces will be increasingly capable of defending themselves. is that realistic? >> i sympathize with the fact that the options here are very
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grim. the administration has three objectives. they are to establish safe havens. they need to help what -- to help what is not a population without the capacity to fight the instruments of state power. this could endure for quite some time, the killing, the shelling. worse if they decide to retake arms and put it into one of the main centers of opposition. the west will look increasingly bad in the weeks to come. >> the u.n. announced that they have this list of senior syrian officials. they are accused of crimes
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against humanity, they have appointed an envoy, does that make any difference? >> it is making us all feel a lot better right now but unless it can find a way to emboldened the opposition. this will go on for quite some time. looks clearly everyone who was there, the syrians themselves are going there and they are increasingly frustrated. >> there is no will. there is plenty of capacity, there is no will for at international intervention. as long as the chinese and russians continue to block the security council to make or these authorize as they did in : the odds that there will be any
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unilateral opposition from the british, the french, i would say this is slim. >> thank you very much for going -- for coming in. >> appreciate it. >> in iraq, a series of bomb attacks as left at least 55 people dead and many more wounded. this comes only months after u.s. forces withdrew and this is described as a frantic attempt by insurgents to show that the country will never be stable. nearly a dozen other cities besides baghdad were targeted. >> once again, smoke hangs over baghdad. the morning rush hour was rent by a coordinated wave of bombings and shootings. the emergency services rushed to deal with the carnage and chaos but it looks like security forces were the main targets of
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the attacks. as ever, others were caught up in the blasts. a car bomb went off targeting an official or, i don't know who. an explosion took place 30 minutes ago followed by another blast, the shattered glass of a window injured me. >> far to the north of baghdad, the mangled wreckage of a car that carried a bomb and is one at two aimed at police patrols here. most of the destruction was in the capital, not on the scale reached at the height of the insurgency. that might be little consolation there is an economic standoff between sunni and shi'a leaders. these attacks look like another
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attempt to sow political and ethnic tensions, the latest of a state of onslaughts since u.s. forces pulled out late last year. >> protests over the burning of the koran at a u.s. base have been continuing in afghanistan. president obama apologized to the afghan people for the desecration which he said was done in a diverted my pen to two american soldiers have been shot dead in his protests. president obama apologized to the afghan people for the desecration which he said was done in every money. two american soldiers have been shot dead in these protests. the u.n. secretary-general has set today's international conference on somalia has set out a clear issues. they are working on security, piracy, humanitarian assistance,
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and the political process. the government's ad factions were represented but the militant group condemned the meeting. tensions continue to climb over iran's nuclear ambitions. today, all eyes were on beijing where stalled ambitions over the program have resumed. the u.s. and north korean leaders met for the first unilateral talks between the two countries since the death of kim jong il. thank you very much for coming in. is there a deal to be done with the new north korean leadership or is that what these meetings are trying to find out? >> they are trying to findt whether there is a deal to be done. they were trying to work on something where they would exchange some food assistance to north korea.
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this is for a freeze on their nuclear program. this is what they're trying to do before kim jong il died, and then he died. this is the first interaction to see whether they are on the track or not. >> what is your take on kim jong un hill to -- on kim jong un? is he someone who is open to dialogue? >> the answers, we just don't know. we really do not know. we know less about this individual then we knew about osama bin laden, muammar gaddafi, or saddam hussein. the people they will be meeting are not people they have not met before, they are the negotiators that have been working on this going back to the clinton administration. the people will be the same but we will try to read based on what they say whether they are in the continuity policies or the change of policy or maybe sq%ei+
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all. >> how valuable is the carrot of food aid that the u.s. has? how desperately does north korea needed the assistance that the u.s. could give them? >> i have talked to a number of the groups that have gone through north korea and they clearly assess there is a need. there is clearly a need that lost there is clearly a need there. the children are -- there is clearly a need there. the children are starving. a bit of donor tilt has set in in the international community for giving north korea food for over a decade. -- there is a bit of donor guilt that has set in. >> there is the fear that north korea might outsource their weapons to another
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country. is this the same situation? >> this is still as much of a risk as it was a few years ago. there have been more things put zpóoñ#dwz~ resolutions that make it to proliferate. this is very dangerous. it is very easy to proliferate this type of technology. it does not have that kind of signature that the plutonium program has. these are quite significant and i believe that is why the u.s. is trying to gauge at this point, to get a handle on the program. >> thank you very much for coming in. >> you are watching "bbc world news america," still to come -- a rare glimpse inside of the mennonite community. we get a rare portrait.
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in mexico today, vladimir putin addressed tens of thousands of his supporters just 10 days before the presidential election in which he is heavily favored. -- in moscow today, flattered you to address tens of thousands of his supporters. >-- letter putin addressed tens of thousands of his supporters. others at the request of their party. they came to the stadium but the star of the show was all vladimir putin himself. it is the only time that he has appeared in public before a large crowd and his theme was a dislike of foreign interference in russian politics. >> we will not let anyone impose their will on us because we have our own will. this will help us to win.
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we are a nation of winners. it is in our genetic code. it has passed on from one generation to the next. >> with just 10 days ago, it has been an impressive show of strength for the political establishment. a reminder that it is still day that control the country. many of the crowds were genuinely enthusiastic. >> he is the only person who can do the right thing, vladimir putin. >> some were just there because t hem to come. what do you think of vladimir putin? >> no comment. >> his reputation as a leader is with huge popular support and it has been tainted.
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>> it has always been said that space is the final frontier but for some exporters, the adventure is a bit closer to home. the undiscovered deaths of the ocean are -- depths of the ocean are luring divers. >> headed to the deepest place on earth. this will eventually plunged several miles down. this is to find out first hand what it would be like. >> my hats is secured. >> you are cleared to begin your diet. is secured. >> it will take them into total darkness.
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a 6-inch sphere of glass will stand between the explorers and in the ocean. >> it is like aliens floating about. it gives you some sense of what it must be like for those people who want to go back down to the marriott at trench -- marianas trench. >> in during their 20 minutes, they sawfish. >> it was a quiet moment. >> this is the only man alive that has been there. >> we were talking about when it should the next team come back. we agree with two years, maybe
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two years, someone will be back. >> the fact is that we really do not know what is down there. what better way to see the deep ocean and in a craft like this. >> with this vehicle in production, a new era of ocean exploration might be about to began. >> and beautiful and slightly eerie down there. now, for a rare glimpse inside of one mexican community. mennonites have established themselves around the world with their beliefs of nonviolence and
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simplicity. to the outside world, they're -- their life style seems a mystery. there is an intimate portrayal captured in a new book. >> in 2006, i visited a mennonite community living in chihuahua, mexico. that is the first time that i saw wind and mennonites -- saw wind and mennonites -- women they did not speak spanish or english but they be spoke very eloquently. -- but they spoke very eloquently. they don't go out much, they are disconnected from society. they have a very reserved life.
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i started to get to know them slowly, the way that one initially began a friendship. i was able to take the first portraits and photos. they started to except me as a photographer that came from a different place. when they accepted me, that is when the photos started to come. they don't just sell cheese or work on the farm, they are drawerful women --[u(pi!wp-h]6sn
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who were late to one another. these images allow you to know them from inside. but in these moments and instances, they share with all people sheriff. even though we have different religions, there are themes between us -- love, death. that is what i wanted to share with the reader, a different way to look at mennonite women. >> in one final story tonight, it was once in the hands of smugglers but now the turkish government has revealed that a 1500 year old bible is safe and sound in a museum. according to the turkish media reports hot, this has been held by the authorities before being transferred to the museum but it looks quite amazing.
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that brings the show to a close. thank you so much for watching. +7snx"f>;.h("omveáqby(=e#wís news at >> funding was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu newman's own foundation and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and provide capital for key strategic decisions.
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